Former undercover CIA Spy reveals three steps to help you DISAPPEAR off the grid tomorrow

Former Air Force 45, who worked as a captain and intelligence officer, Andrew Bustamante, shared insights on how to immediately vanish from the grid during his appearance on the Lex Fridman podcast

He broke down the steps required for American citizens to achieve an immediate disappearance. He also claimed that 'none of them are convenient. They're all extremely secure.'

Andrew explained that the first step involves deactivating all digital technology connected to your identity by allowing their batteries to run out permanently. Andrew explained: 'The first thing you do is, every piece of digital technology you have, that is connected to you in any way, is now dead.

You just let the battery run out. Forever. You never touch it again, starting at this moment.'

Furthermore, he emphasized that individuals seeking to disappear might be forced to acquire essential electronics, like a laptop and smartphone, through illicit means such as theft or the black market.

He explained the necessity of accessing technology without it being registered in your name. He said, 'You do whatever you have to do to ensure you can access it with the necessary passwords and whatever else is required.'

This course of action is linked to the ethics involved, which can be as flexible as needed. 'We all possess a certain moral flexibility here'

Once the individual has successfully established an anonymous presence in the digital realm, the path ahead involves doing whatever is necessary. This might entail a series of actions, whether you're stealing every step of the way or running a massive con.

Andrew went on to clarify that the term "con man" originates from "confidence man," signifying an individual who is 'just somebody who is so brazenly confident that the people around them… are like, "This guy really knows what he's talking about, so I'm gonna do what he says."

He further underscored that orchestrating a "massive con" can address financial matters and lodging while emphasizing that, throughout this process, one can assume any identity they choose. As he stated, 'So if you wanna go and be Bill for the afternoon, just go tell people your name is Bill. They're not gonna question you.'

When questioned by the interviewer regarding the duration during which global intelligence-gathering systems would accept "you're Bill" as a legitimate identity.

The Everyday Spy founder offered a concise response. He stated, 'Until you do something that makes them think otherwise,'

He added: 'If you are consistent - we talked about consistency being the superpower - if you are consistent, they will think you're Bill forever.'

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